Friday, July 31, 2009

2nd Peek at Aug Stamp of the Month

The more I play with this stamp set, the more I like it. I think that's probably true for lots of stamps I own. I either fall madly for a stamp or I "see" something in it that sparks my imagination. Once I take the time to play with it, the ideas just start rolling!

There are actually 26 seperate stamps in this Stamp of the Month-wow! To qualify for this set you simply order $25 worth of product and earn 25% off the retail value. Place an order for $50 and earn 50% off the stamp set. Pretty easy! And the discounts just continue all the way to earning this set for FREE-wheeee! Go to my website for more details or to place your order after Aug 1.

Have a great weekend~L

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aug Stamp of the Month 1st Sneak Peek

Stamp Set: CTMH It's Your Day
B&T paper: CTMH Paper Garden
Glitter and Ink: CTMH
Punches: Martha Stewart
Ribbon: Assorted
Flower Soft

card measures 4" x 5 1/2"

When I create cards, I try to do multiple cards at one time. The image is never the same but the materials are usually similar. I like to get as much use out of 1 sheet of 12x12 paper as possible-love my paper! So, my card fronts - or at least the first layer - is cut at 4" x 5 1/2" instead of the standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". This way I can save paper and no one even notices the 1/4" missing!

It's raining today and we have swim lessons at 10am so the water and air will be chilly-poor kids! But we really need the rain so there is a bright side...for some of us!!
have a great day~Laura

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a bit of fun....

I found this on the very talented Bren Yule's blog

You can play this too, just copy and paste, delete my answers & add your own response to paste into your blog or an email to friends…

One Word:
you’re feeling: disappointed
to your left: Books
on your mind: my sister's health
last meal included: fried zuchinni
you sometimes find it hard to: focus
something you have a collection of: birds' nests
a smell that cheers you up: rose oil
a smell that can ruin your mood: car exhaust
how long since you last shaved:a day or two
the current state of your hair: needing color!
the largest item on your desk/workspace right now (not computer): assorted paper
your skill with chopsticks: miserable
which section you head to first in the bookstore: Crafts
…and after that?: historical fiction and then southern lit
something you’re craving: dark Chocolate anything
your general thoughts on politics: thank goodness she's not our VP
how many times you’ve been hospitalized this Year: none, thank God
a favorite place to go for quiet time: I forget
you’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: Master Gardener
something that freaks you out a little: Heights
something you’ve eaten too much of lately: veg lasagna
you have never: Cheated
you never want to: be Helpless

Mini-albums and a Journaling Chat

Here are some more images from this album I have been working on in between life, children and summer. The cover says "trip to dc" (as in our nation's capitol-yep, we live close!). All products are Close To My Heart-easy choice there! Used "Emporium" paper which works so well with ANY event, any focus like boy, girl, family, etc. If you click on the image, you can read the journaling. I spoke at a local woman's club a few years ago about the "Art of Journaling" and try to apply it to my own life daily. Hence, the art blog, Facebook, personal journals and scrapbook pages. I usually favor 2 different methods of journaling - either the 5 W's - who, what, where, when, why and will write them out in bullet form. Pretty easy and descriptive. The other method I like is called "story telling", as if you were describing the photo to someone who had no idea who or what was in that photo. Easy to use 1st person or third person speech and can be accomplished in a paragraph or two.

For my mini-albums, I start with 1 page of story telling since it's usually a single event and then add in random comments per picture or page. This will change with the album focus or theme. I plan on doing a few albums like "Top 10 Loves" and "Our Cats" and these won't need as much journaling. Well, maybe...we'll see!

I haven't stopped doing the larger size albums like 9x9 (my fav) or 12x12 but the quick reward of completing a mini album in a day is SO worth the small scale version of a scrapbook!!

One more quick note about journaling. This is a tool you can use especially when you don't have PHOTOS to tell a story. I have very few pictures of my father but I have a few vivid memories that I really need to get written down to save the story . Please consider doing this version of scrapbooking without photos too. You can still use all your tools and resources to come up with a permanent keepsake without pictures.

happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


my friend Melissa, who met a personal business goal a YEAR early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOA!!!! Melissa just recently promoted to Director level with Close To My Heart and deserves a thunderous round of applause and lots of hugs and notes of congratulations!! Director level with our complany "equates to a lawyer making partner" and Melissa has worked her patootie off to reach this goal. Please take a minute to visit Melissa on her blog and let her know you heard her wonderful news.

You deserve all the accolades and much more, M!!!!
love ya, gurl!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mini Album

I have started working on a mini album using my favorite paper from Close To My Heart called "Emporium", the stamp set "April Word Puzzle" and the "My Creations 3-Ring Binder". Love this size as it measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" and is a great size to complete quickly. Can't wait to finish this project and share it with you. Just need to work around 2 different swim classes, my son's taekwando, playdates and sleepovers and all the other fun stuff summer brings. Since there's no routine to our days, it's REALLY hard to get some scrappin and stampin time in for me! The title of this album will be "Trip to DC". Hopefully I will finish this before our next adventure downtown!!