Sunday, September 12, 2010

...and they called it, puppy looooove...

Seems like it's been forever that I have been asking my husband about bringing dogs into the family. I was raised with cats and dogs, but Brian only had felines in his life, so he didn't understand the undying loyalty, the love licks and the rewards of owning a dog or two. Until now. We brought the pups home on Aug 22 and our lives have changed drastically! Almost as much as when we brought home the twins!! Baby gates and feeding schedules and making sure the floor is immaculate to avoid choking hazards....and then there's housebreaking....omgracious! And it's soooo worth it.

The kids now know (I hope) about the commitment to raising an animal and how much effort is involved. And how much love. Grace and John are truly in love with these pups, and I am so grateful. We decided to name them Bruce and Bella Bohall. Grace took riding lessons this summer and met a beautiful HUGE, gentle clydesdale named Bruce and the name fit this male pup well. He's a big boy compared to his only brother of the litter who is a runt. The girl dog is named after a character in a current movie that Grace and John haven't seen (ahem-and hopefully won't see!)and we like the fact that Bella translates to 'beautiful' in Italian, which this puppy surely is-just beautiful!

Can't wait to scrap some pages of the newest members of our family. Lots of choices of paper and embellishments with the new Idea book! Or, I can do some digital scrapping through my website with Studio J!! I will be sure to share the results soon!

Have a great week~Laura