Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Little Word 2010

Scrapbook Artist Ali Edwards has inspired me to chose a word for the new year that I will embed into my life faithfully. That word is commit. I will commit to completeing projects I have set for myself and my family. I will commit to working on tasks whole-heartedly to completion, rather than laying things aside to be finished later, maybe. We all have the best intentions and I want to commit to many that I have considered over the years, including reaching out to friends that have moved out of the area. And creating a healthier lifestyle for me and mine-better food choices and more outside activities! Prioritizing housework ugh is a big must on my commit list. These sound like New Year resolutions but for me the action is to commit .
Working on this blog is another good example of something I will commit to being active on a weekly or more basis! This chance to have an electronic journal of me and my family is a great tool to record happenings in our life that I can come back to and scrap or simply print out to add to a more permanent "storycatcher" like an album.
So there it is.....commit. Easy to say, easy to understand.