Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School's Out!

WOW-School's Out! Can't believe John and Grace have graduated 2nd grade. It's going so fast...for me. It feels like just yesterday my girlfriend possee and I were planning playdates at the toddler park EARLY in the day so everyone could get home for lunch and naps. Ah, sweet naptime. :D)
So for now, no more reviewing the school lunch menu for choices on packing or buying, no more remembering to wear red on Fridays for school spirit day, no more standing at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus. No more homework, no more field trips, no more calls at 6am asking if I can sub for a sick teacher.
No more puzzling over "new Math", "a different kind of phoenics" or "Listen to what I learned in Music today, mom"!
No more class parties, no more coming up with a potluck dish for the monthly teacher's lunch, no more waiting in the car-rider line catching up with the other moms.
Hey! School's Out??!! What?! 2nd grade went by so fast...how did that happen?
(I still haven't gotten the hang of inserting photos exactly where I want them so some 'splaining will have to do. The pic of the kids without glasses is the first day of 2nd grade 8/25/09 and the other pic is the last day of 2nd grade 9/11/09. See much difference? Grace has gotten a bit taller over the past year, that's for sure!!)

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